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The Wrestling

A poem and a prayer

On Friday, June 17, we held our first Worthy Words Co. event. During our writing time, this poem came to me, which was super unexpected. (I haven’t written poetry since college 15 years ago!)

You never know what will happen when you invite the Holy Spirit into your creative process. Maybe this is your sign to start creating with the Lord, to start writing, to pick up your pen again.

Lord, we ask for supernatural creativity and a spirit of wisdom and revelation. Heal hearts. Release new words. Raise up messengers of the gospel. Amen.

The Wrestling

A serpent started it,
slithering, cunning,
coming to steal and kill.
Deception, the weapon.
She took the bait.
The fruit, mouthwatering.
The aftertaste, devastating.
Garden, gone. Exiled from Eden
to till and toil
and labor in vain.
O the pain.

But God.
Never outsmarted.
Sovereign. Long-suffering.
He covered her pain and shame and skin.
The first sacrifice. Hints of a Son.
A skull-crushing Savior to come.
Death, defeated.
Curse, reversed.
But first,
You’re enlisted.
War, won.
Battles, many.
The wrestling is yours
for the taking.

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