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The Exodus

This is my story.

Called away from the crowd.
Wandering, wondering,
Where am I going?
In the dark, walking
with a word — the way
narrow, winding.
Surprisingly difficult.
Seemingly, unending.
Slavery behind me, but honestly?
I missed the stability, salary, dignity.
Slowly, I started to see:
It was a counterfeit identity.
I was deceived, drowning
in my own idolatry.
He called me, led me in kindness
to the wilderness, through the waters.
Wooed me with His Word, His beauty.
Loved me, fiercely. Forgave me.
Implanted destiny, awakening me.
Jumpstarting my heart. Tuned,
sensitive to His sound, His voice.
This is abundant life:
Glory. Holy. Only
He is worthy of my worship.

I wrote this poem at one of our Worthy Words workshops. Our next event is Feb. 3, 2023. Hope to see you there! Sign up for more information and updates at

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