Psalm 23 in 2023

There are treasures in Psalm 23, especially for this new year.

Psalm 23. It may be the most popular of the 150 psalms. Could it be that, because it’s so widely known, we sort of skim over it? Are the stanzas so familiar that we miss their miles of depth?

There are treasures in Psalm 23, especially for this new year. So I’m extending an invitation: Will you join me in memorizing, meditating, and praying through this psalm? We’ll focus on one verse each week for six weeks, and then repeat. Simple.

God wants to meet us in these six verses, showering his love and whispering his secrets to a life without lack — in every season and circumstance. May there be many testimonies of the miracles of Jesus as we apply Psalm 23 to our ordinary lives every day this year. 

What’s more, I’ll be writing via email* about my own experience in Psalm 23. My goal is to share some prophetic encouragement and personal testimony of how the Lord is meeting me in each verse. 

*I’m starting this journey on Sunday, January 8. Emails for each verse will start sending on Monday mornings later in January. If you sign up later in the year, you’ll still receive all six emails. Begin any time!

Are you in? Sign up using the form below or this link: Send me the Psalm 23 in 2023 email series!

Here’s to a life without lack,


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